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Big Dreams: Henry McLaughlin has a blog on the American Christian Fiction Writers site. Click the picture link and share your dreams.
Entertaining Angels: I’ve been marketing books of mine now for more than 20 years but only recently realized a big mistake I was making: Thinking it was only about books and sales.
The Three Princes of Serendip: Over the last seventeen years as a professional writer I’ve thought a lot about creativity. Here are two things I try to keep in mind that help me generate new ideas.
Out of the Creative Desert: This is the desert for those unable to gain traction with their stories. It is a dry land of frustration, doubt, envy and weariness. In the blistering sun, it is easy to believe you are alone and forgotten…that all hope is lost.
What Drives an Editor Crazy: Someone wrote to ask a favorite question: “Are there certain editing errors that drive you crazy?”
Getting Rid of the Parts Readers Skip: We’ve all done it. You’re reading a novel that’s captured your interest and, before long, you find yourself skipping several paragraphs to find “where the story picks up again.”
Filling Your Well of Ideas: Sometimes I think my idea well has run dry. The plots I dredge up are so spare they couldn’t even flesh out a flash fiction story.
7 Ways “Clean” Fiction Can Harm Us: Just because someone reads Christian fiction or watches only “family friendly” films, does not automatically make them any more holy, healthy, or happy than someone who doesn’t.