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You’re the writer, so you want to do most of the work.

Writing coaches are busy with their own projects and helping their writers’ groups. They have a limited amount of time they can sell. That’s fine, because paid time for a few pages can help you improve everything you have written and have yet to write.

Save Costs in the Long Run

Professional help can give you an immediate leap in the direction you want to go. You can also take college courses, study online articles, and read a hundred how-to-write books, but that’s a huge time-and-money commitment. Just an hour of a coach’s help can answer questions you didn’t know to ask and move your skills rapidly forward.

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Frank Ball
Promoting God’s Voice
in Your Life

Lisa Bell
Published in Christian Pulse & e-zines, co-authoring inspirational biography

Lori Freeland
Contributor to Crosswalk, Faith Team Editor for The Christian Pulse, YA Novelist

DiAne Gates
Illustrates & Writes for Children, Writes for The Christian Pulse, Crosswalk

Henry McLaughlin
Full-time writer and speaker, author of Journey to Riverbend

Marty Norman
Author of Generation G, columnist for three monthly e-zines

John Savell
Licensed Clinical
Assoc Prof at SAGU

Sandi Tomkins
Pulitzer Prize nominee,
teaches writing and
mentors authors