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Don’t Shoot the Photographer

Filtering takes readers through a secondary, unimportant part of observation. Readers need to directly see what the viewpoint character sees, not be told that the character saw it.

  1. I could hear the The blood pounding pounded in my ears, and my breath came in short, harsh gasps.
  2. I felt the A bullet whizzed past my head.
  3. She knew if If she lay still he might lose interest in her.
  4. He watched the The spokesman’s face redden reddened under the brim of his ragged safari hat.
  5. He knew he wasn’t on anyone’s private property.
  6. I remember taking took the leftover candy and putting put it in a zipper bag. (In the character’s point of view, we need to know only what the memory was, not be told that the memory was remembered.)
  7. I watched as gray Gray-brown dirt swirled above the yellow beast.
  8. I knew I was witnessing a death scene.
  9. I thought she She was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen.
  10. I wondered if Were they were worried when I didn’t return to class. class?
  11. Grandmother watched as Tara came into the room.
  12. She watched pastor’s Pastor’s facial features change changed from calmness to wariness.
  13. He heard the The back door shut and then shut again.
  14. He watched as two Two pairs of eyes peeked from the doorway.
  15. I thought you You looked bored.
  16. I knew that I wasn’t alone.
  17. He decided he’d He’d better claim a bottom bunk.
  18. He looked at the figure in the door. Angus stood there at the door.
  19. From her vantage, the The downtown buildings sparkled in the morning sun.
  20. I don’t think Ruthie’s feet never touched the ground.
  21. When James stepped outside, he noticed a light fog resting Outside, a light fog rested on the surface of the lake.
  22. I couldn’t help notice that although Although it was seven o’clock in the evening, he looked freshly groomed.
  23. She saw the look of defiance Defiance showed in his eyes.