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For six months, Frank Ball met with author Wayne Johnson weekly, learning about his personality and trying to understand his story. Most of all, he needed a model that Wayne could use in providing the important details needed for the Guided Missteps books. Frank used the SCOOP IT UP acronym to guide Wayne through the process of writing captivating stories. Both books present situations in which Wayne wants something important but faces obstacles, which engages readers, making them want to find out what happens.

These stories provide excellent examples to follow in telling your own life-changing stories.

Guided Missteps 1: A Wanderer Finds His Way presents stories from Wayne’s childhood to completion of his service in the Air Force. His failures and successes lay a promising path if he can overcome the problems caused by his stuttering. During this time, he has a knowledge of God but doesn’t know him personally. His life is defined by a series of missteps in which it soon becomes apparent that God has a plan for his life and is guiding him, preparing him for the day when he will know and serve God.

Guided Missteps 2: Reaching for Help presents stories from Wayne’s adult life as he strives to overcome the obstacles caused by severe stuttering. From a series of bad choices, he is pushed toward success, but he must learn to reach out for help.

Guided Missteps 1: Driving My New Porch — SCOOP Summary
  In a rural community without modern conveniences, second-grader Wayne Johnson wants a new car that he can pedal to the ball field and the store. If his grandfather doesn’t agree to purchase a new Marauder J4, how can he fulfill his driving dreams?

Guided Missteps 1: Playing the Broom — SCOOP Summary
  With no one else at home, Wayne Johnson was free to act out his fondest dreams. Would his stuttering and feelings of inadequacy bring him defeat, or could he create a scenario that would give him hope in real life?

Guided Missteps 1: Hambone Lockup — SCOOP Summary
  On Friday night at the favorite teen hangout at Boaz Park, eighteen-year-old Wayne Johnson wants to be accepted by his friends. After the boys are arrested for underage possession of alcohol, what can Wayne do to avoid jail time and loss of self-respect?

Guided Missteps 2: A Cross to Bare — SCOOP Summary
  While playing guitar at a Fort Worth night club, Wayne Johnson wants to date a friendly young lady named Charlotte. After several rejections, can he find a way to get her to say yes or will he always wonder why he wasn’t good enough?

Guided Missteps 2: Resurrection of the Curls — SCOOP Summary
  At the funeral home, Wayne Johnson wants to comfort his grieving aunt. After the funeral director says nothing more can be done to improve his father’s appearance, can Wayne accomplish what no one else could do, or will his actions add to the family’s grief?

Guided Missteps 2: Cemetery Lane — SCOOP Summary
When asked to take her to the cemetery, Wayne Johnson wants to satisfy his mother’s dying wishes. Will the graves bring dark reminders of her impending death or shine new light on the blessings of life?